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Indy N Ink

Indy N Ink is a new concept and a refreshed approach to the age old art of tattooing.

We began four years ago, with the aim of providing access to body art to a main stream clientele in Hull and Grimsby, but with a heightened level of this specialised service. We ensure the client’s needs are met exactly, with a bespoke service as opposed to the traditional off-the-wall body art available in most studios around the globe.

Traditionally, when an individual decides to go for a tattoo it can be a daunting experience, firstly in making the right design choice, secondly finding a studio with an appropriate and receptive ambience, thirdly the demographics of the shop or other clientele, and fourthly the relationship with the body artist or artists within the studio. These are all challenges that many clientele have faced over the years that can lead to the experience being more rushed and less well informed one than perhaps desired.

Indy N Ink

Indy N Ink are a body art studio in Grimsby offering tattoo services within a high end luxury boutique with a completely new and innovative approach within this market. We will sit and discuss some in depth questions regarding your art ideas, the reasoning behind them and also offer solutions that are best fit for you.

We have performed over 7000 tattoos over the last four years, and have a consistent list of returning clientele, with many travelling nationwide. We have gained clients from Hull and the surrounding areas, as well as a majority of local clientele and a few international customers too, with one flying in from France three years running to be tattooed by Indy N Ink. We feel that this is testament to our dedication to the work we do, with our body artists taking the deepest of pride in every piece that leaves our studio.

Indy N Ink welcome you to our studio, and an experience that will leave you invigorated and content that you received the art work you desire with a service which is second to none.

To speak to a body artist in Grimsby or Hull, please get in touch with Indy N Ink on 01472 230411 or by contacting us online.

Death Tattoo, Crow & Skull
  • Colourful Bird Tattoo
  • Bird & Compass Tattoo
  • Neck Spider Tattoo
  • Tree Back Image
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