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At Indy N Ink the client comes first. We pride our selves on being a leader in Customer Care and Satisfaction. We offer full comprehensive advice on the care of your art work prior to commencement and on completion along with aftercare advice when ever required. We also have a full range of aftercare products to aid the healing process and to ensure your body art looks and feels great immediately. Indy N Ink also offer a free touch up service should your art work require it. This means that if during the healing process any ink is released from the skin we invite you back for a free of charge re work or touch up of the area so that you are guaranteed a fully first class piece of artwork.

All work is displayed for client perusal through our facebook page but also through other social media such as instagram, Google + and Twitter. We also connect with our customers through a professional medium on Linkdin.

Adhere To The Highest Levels Of Protocol

Furthermore, to care for the community we are proud to offer a strict level of Corporate Social Responsibility whereby we adhere to the highest levels of protocol. Our adherence to the law and the Tattooing of a Minor Act of 1969 means that we are unable to offer our tattoo services to any one under the age of 18 years. Indy N Ink reserve the right to request photographic identification if and when deemed necessary. Should a client wish to discuss their art work prior to the age of 18 with a view to booking when they are 18 years of age, then we are able to offer a consultation service if accompanied by an adult legal guardian.

David Beckham's Tattoo Artist
  • David Beckham's Personal Tattoo Artist
  • Shoulder Tattoo
  • Star Tattoo
  • Flower Shoulder Tattoo
  • Tiger Butterfly Tattoo Artwork
  • Indynink Dollar

Gift Vouchers

Indy N Ink Offer a voucher system that allows the recipient tattoo time as a gift. Our voucher is called the Indy N Ink Dollar and as the American dollar there are various denominations available to all for whatever the occasion be it Christmas Birthdays Valentine or just as a gift at any time. Please see in-store for details.


Indy N Ink are keen to express an interest in photography and work in conjunction with several fantastic local photographers which enables the client to furthermore flaunt there new art work whereby enhancing the entire experience as a whole.

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