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As you would expect at Indy N Ink our hygiene standards are again second to none. We are department of health registered and use fully sterile equipment at all times.

Hygiene Standards That Are Second To None

Every piece of equipment that is in contact with a client is single use disposable, which eliminates any need for on site sterilisation, ensuring the utmost in safety for all our clientele. All non disposable equipment is safeguarded with plastic disposable sheathing therefore providing hospital grade protection for you the customer. The studio is thoroughly cleaned twice daily and after each application of art work the work areas are stripped and cleaned prior to the next client and their own art application. All waste is disposed of in contaminated waste bins actively emptied by a local waste company and all sharps bins are collected by the local council for incineration.

This is a comprehensive and vital part of our business here at Indy N Ink giving the client peace of mind that they are receiving a professional and first class service.

Female Figure Shoulder Tattoo
  • Shoulder Tattoo, female portrait
  • Stacey Neck Tattoo
  • Tree Back Tattoo
  • Lower Back Butterfly Tattoo
  • Flowers & Hummingbirds Side Tattoo
  • Back Illustration Tattoo

Indy N Ink are also able to offer a service whereby we can disguise any area of a clients skin they so wish. Usually this can be due to a client having had post operative scarring, which they may feel that they need to hide or eliminate from public view. We offer a full and comprehensive consultative and private approach to this aspect of our business for the clients own peace of mind.

Indy N Ink also offer body art services to clientele with all manner of skin types and customers with skin conditions are also welcome and have been worked with in the past frequently. In Fact Indy N Ink pride ourselves on working alongside clients from our communities and further afield with lesser abilities that require that extra special care. Our approach is always ethical and we would seek permissions from those in a guardian or responsible position. WE have worked with clientele with difficulty with stillness conditions as well as having wheel chair access and basic first aid should it be required. We have had many clientele travel from Hull Scunthorpe, and Lincoln as a first port of call for our specialist services.

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